This is one of the most gripping entertainment hoax's to be released in New Zealand in decades!...


Hitnosis involves a host for your evening and two performers planted in your audience at the start of the evening or during a business session who are disguised as delegates or guests!


At a set time during the evening the host advises guests that the entertainment for the evening is running 30 minutes late so he has been asked to fill the spot until they arrive.


Through a process of elimination 5 guests end up onstage being advised that they have been selected to be hypnotised. Unbeknownst to 3 of them they are flanked by our two performers. After trying to hypnotise everyone our Host can only put our two performers under and sends the other guests back to their seats.


What follows is a 35 minute floorshow full of laugh a minute antics culminating in an outstanding display of vocal and choreography prowess as our host and performers present a stunning song and dance performance!


Your guests will be spell bound and left feeling completely gob-smacked as Hitnosis smacks them between the eyes with one of the biggest twists in corporate entertainment in New Zealand!