Three professional performers, dressed exactly like the other wait staff, greet your guests on arrival - perhaps offering a pre-dinner drink, finger food, or directions to the cloak room.


At no time do your guests realise these are professional singers - they look like Maitre d waiters, they work as Maitre d waiters, but they are in fact THE SWINGING MAITRE D’s


Our first Maitre D advises he has been offered $10 if he sings and  spontaneously bursts into song taking the audience and the other two Maitre D’s by surprise. This prompts thunderous applause from the audience before the Maitre D’s continue with their work.


The 2nd Maitre D says he has been offered $20 if he were to sing - he does and equally impresses.


The 3rd Maitre D advises he hasn't been offered anything but sings anyway prompting an incredible floor show of big band swing music from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr!