It’s a fast-paced, wild ride, presented in three separate acts and punctuated with live music, razor edge comedy, burlesque and a love for bizarre and risque interaction.

Featuring a multi-talented cast it’s sexy, it’s hairy and it’s set to expand your mind, groove your soul and release the true misfit within!

Over two hours these highly experienced actors circulate amongst guests improvising a series of original scenarios that will have the audience laughing in the isles and begging them to stop!

Once again DKCM have produced a show that pulls out all the stops, grabs the audience by the collar and slaps them between the eyes with an experience unlike anything they’ve done before.

This is FANCY DRESS and we expect you to dress up, get naughty, get involved and have one hell of a night!

Get ready to get involved – the show asks for your input and participation. The more you play the more fun and laughs you will have!

Oh – and polish up your dance moves – the MASTER will require everyone to join in!


Please note: The Naughty Horror’Ball does not use any scripting from the film or stage version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show . The actors play out a series of original scenarios through improvisation, physical comedy, burlesque & interactive games.

Naughty Horror'Ball.png